Etihad Airways “The Residence” Video + Business Studio Gallery

It didn’t last more than a few minutes but turned out to be the best part of my yearly visit to the New York Times Travel Show. Etihad’s “The Residence” mockup had people saying things out loud like “Oh, I should try this” and me thinking “Wait’ll they find out how much it costs!”. See what’s cool about it and why it’s not worth a nice car. … Read More

Cathay Airlines

Gallery | Cathay Pacific 747-400 First Class

Between all the video and picture taking, It’s a wonder we have time to sit back and enjoy the flight…but we do. Click on the images in the gallery for a handful of reasons we liked flying in first on Cathay Pacific aboard this 747-400. … Read More

Cafe style 1/2 booth seating.

Pics from the KLM Crown Lounge at IAH.

Because our video reviews move a little fast for some, we take snaps too. Flip through our gallery of pics from the KLM Crown Lounge at Houston Intercontinental (IAH) … Read More

KLM Crown Lounge Houston IAH

Video | KLM Lounge Houston (IAH)

Escape the gumball machines of dry snacks at the United Club. The KLM Crown Lounge is where it’s at inside Houston Intercontinental Airports D Terminal. We’ll show you around in our full video review… … Read More

American Airlines A321

Video | American Airlines A321 (US) Exit Seat 23A

It’s one of those weird mid-merger moments when the plane says “American” on the outside but it’s all US Airways inside. We’ll jump to calling it American Airlines A321 and show you exit seat 23A, an exit row upgrade, in our video and text reviews. … Read More

JetBlue Mint Amenity Kit

unBOX | JetBlue Mint Class Amenity Kit

Maybe it was my native upper midwestern politeness, my learned NYC assertiveness or both combining to score TWO JetBlue Mint Class amenity kits on our transcon modhop from LAX to JFK. Watch as I unBOX them both here. … Read More

Entrance to Delta Sky Club at Newark

Video | Delta Sky Club – Newark (EWR)

Is the former Northwest WorldClub accross the hall haunted? How does it still look more inviting from the outside than the Delta SkyClub at Newark? We return to the Sky Club to see if much has changed and capture anything we missed on our last visit. … Read More