United 737-900

Video | United Economy Plus 737-900 Row 9

Seat(s): Expanding on a seatguru-esque “9D is a typical Economy Plus Seat” review isn’t easy with this one. There’s the extra legroom and slimmer Boeing style width but little else to report on the seat itself. The legroom is indeed a perk with a few extra inches to stretch and … Read More

KLM Economy comfort seating

Video | KLM 737-700 Economy Comfort Row 6

Airline: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Aircraft: Boeing 737-700 Seat maps: SeatGuru | KLM Seat Info: Row 6 Class: Economy Comfort (Extra Legroom)

Olympic Rings Fail in Sochi

Pregame | Anywhere But Sochi

That Olympic circle that didn’t open? We’re going to make our own. Hotel rooms overbooked and sometimes not even built, … Read More