American Airlines A321

Video | American Airlines A321 (US) Exit Seat 23A

It’s one of those weird mid-merger moments when the plane says “American” on the outside but it’s all US Airways inside. We’ll jump to calling it American Airlines A321 and show you exit seat 23A, an exit row upgrade, in our video and text reviews. … Read More

JetBlue Mint Amenity Kit

unBOX | JetBlue Mint Class Amenity Kit

Maybe it was my native upper midwestern politeness, my learned NYC assertiveness or both combining to score TWO JetBlue Mint Class amenity kits on our transcon modhop from LAX to JFK. Watch as I unBOX them both here. … Read More

Entrance to Delta Sky Club at Newark

Video | Delta Sky Club – Newark (EWR)

Is the former Northwest WorldClub accross the hall haunted? How does it still look more inviting from the outside than the Delta SkyClub at Newark? We return to the Sky Club to see if much has changed and capture anything we missed on our last visit. … Read More

BAE Systems IFE

APEX Expo 2014 Part 2 | In-Flight Entertainment

What will you be watching on the plane in a few years? Don’t be surprised if it’s a tablet. A handful of companies want to be personal trainer to heavy planes and your own entertainment czar. See what’s new and light about in on-board entertianment from APEX Expo 2014. … Read More

United 789 Dreamliner at IAH

United Dreamliner 787-9 Row 16 | Video

This United 787-9 Dreamliner had just flown in from one of it’s first overseas missions to fly us back to New York (ahem…I mean Newark) from Houston. The gate and cleaning crew seemed to be ready for an A319 but got us off after a series of short delays. See what we found on-board once we got…on-board. … Read More

Don't Ask Jake

One Good Way to Screw Up Christmas, by Jake Redman.

Not even my new pair of Warby Parkers could help me see the fine print on the Amex Delta companion certificate I was using for our holiday travel. As there’s no crying in basebal, there’s no “risk-free” for this freebie. … Read More

Seat 11A number printed in armrest.

Video | American Main Cabin Extra – A321T Seat 11A

Our first trip in both American Main Cabin Extra and aboard the airline’s A321T made the most of almost every nickel and dime in our pockets. Pay per meal, booze, headphones and entertainment ruled the day. Here I’ll tell you what was worth it and what we skipped. … Read More