Center seating area at Air China Business Class Lounge - PEK

Video | Air China Business Class Lounge – Beijing PEK

Timing is everything if you’re hungry and want to visit the Air China Business Class Lounge inside the international terminal at Beijing Airport. Meals are strictly for mealtime so snacks are all you’ll get in between. Otherwise sink into a deep lounger and stare outside at this daytime-bright lounge. … Read More

Premium Economy Seating

Air France Expo Part 2 | Premium Economy

The second in our 4 part tour of new Air France long-haul seating as displayed at the airlines touring expo on it’s Summer 2014 stop in NYC. This week see video and pictures from Premium Economy. … Read More

LOT Polish 737-400

Video | LOT Polish Business Class 737-400 Seat 3D

Step back into the 80’s or at least see what remains of the era of smoking on planes as you board this LOT Polish 737-400. It’s tar stained walls welcome you to business class where the only upgrade is room for your elbows and in our case, friendly flight attendants. … Read More

Air France Economy Seat

Air France Expo Part 1 | Economy

We’re up in the air with Air France…well not really. The airline’s “France is in The Air” expo stopped in NYC so we stopped by with cameras in tow. See video and pics here of new economy seats on the first stop of our four cabin tour. … Read More

Virgin America lounge at LAX

Video | Virgin America Loft – LAX

The view, the people and the attidude all seem right here at The LAX Virgin America Loft. But is what’s right enough to make up for what’s not? Dig into this mood-lit lounge with us in our full video and text review. … Read More

Lounge Chair Pillow - Tampa Airport Marriott

YouTube | Tampa Airport Marriott

Our YouTube Channel gets the basics. This visit to the Tampa Airport Marriott brings us into a Basic King Guest Room might not be an upgrade, but it’s a decent and affordable stop if you’ve got an early flight or are flying in late. … Read More


Video | Asiana Business Class Lounge – Seoul (ICN) Concourse A

The Asiana Business Class Lounge on Concourse A at Seoul Incheon Airport has a dark, library feel to it and we like it that way. Our normal longing for big windows and bright spaces is somehow overtaken by our desire to wear a Hefner-esque smoking jacket and mellow out pre-flight. Watch and read our full review… … Read More

Jet Blue Airlines

Video | JetBlue A320 – Exit Row 11

It’s not the airline we fly the most, but we’re always happy to jump aboard a JetBlue A320. Watch and read as we dig into an “Even More Space” exit row aboard this trusty workhorse. … Read More