Delta Comfort Plus

Delta Comfort Plus seat 10C aboard the 717-200 | Video

Before Delta took the economy out of comfort, we hopped aboard one of the airlines 717-200’s from Atlanta to Newark. The seats may look a little different and are made to sound a little less coachy with their new name “Delta Comfort Plus”, but your feet still face…well, a lot. Watch the review: … Read More

Olympic Rings Fail in Sochi

Pregame | Anywhere But Sochi

That Olympic circle that didn’t open? We’re going to make our own. Hotel rooms overbooked and sometimes not even built, … Read More

KLM 737-800

Video | KLM 737-800 Exit Row 15

Airline: KLM Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 Seat Info: Seats 15C, 15D, 15E Class: Economy (Exit Row/Extra Legroom)