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On October 31, 2011
Last modified:March 2, 2014


Airline: US Airways Express
Aircraft: Canadair CRJ-200 (CL-65)
Seat: 10C
Class: Economy

US Airways Express

You may as well grab 2 drinks. Not much else to do aboard this CL-65.

The Seat: This is by no means a comfortable aircraft, but if all goes well you probably won’t be on it for long. I should repeat the part where I say “If all goes well”. The legroom is shorter than most and there’s no real form of entertainment (not that I’d expect it on a quick flight).  So squeeze in and bring your iPod!

Service: Our friendly flight attendant was great. Smiled throughout and provided a speedy in-flight beverage service. Not that she had much choice on this flight at just over an hour.

Notes: There’s a slight benefit to seat 1A where you’ll find a slight extrusion from the bulkhead that can be used as a footrest. But legroom is limited in all bulkhead seats. There is also no clear advantage to exit seating on this aircraft. Also, beware the final row of this one as it’s painfully close to the lavatory.

Summary: This is typical, cramped regional flying but with a cheery flight attendant, you might arrive in an okay mood.

Rating: 2 hops (of 5).

Strategy: There’s no strategy to purchasing regular economy seats. Book at US Airways or  and choose a normal economy seat. Avoid the bulkhead seats and anything in row 7 (seats don’t recline in this row).

How I got it: Purchased outright at US This aircraft is flown by partner Air Wisconsin for US Airways Express.

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