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On October 22, 2012
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American Airlines gives your inner-celebrity Flagship Check-in at Los Angeles Int'l. (LAX).

Airline/Upgrade: American Airlines Flagship Check in
Location: Los Angeles Int’l (LAX)
Terminal/Concourse: Terminal 4

Entry to AA Flagship Check-in

As a celebrity, You’ll appreciate the ability to move from the back of your limo and into the private AA Flagship Check-in entrance.

Notes: Whether You’re a celebrity or just want to feel like one for a day, American Airlines Flagship Check in is here to de-stress the worst parts of the airport experience. From the bellhop greeting where your luggage is pleasantly whisked away with a smile to being among the first to climb aboard. Observing the personalized check-in process on our recent tour we got to see the extra time spent with each passenger, something you’ll appreciate on a longer trip with more bags or difficult connections. The cozy waiting area adds to the experience and gives your travel mates a spot to relax if you need more time to sort out flight details with an agent. Top it off with access to a separate security line just for you and your fellow celebrities and entry to the Admirals Club for a pre-flight snack and drinks and You’ll be ready to fly.

Who gets to check in here?: – The easiest way to take advantage of Flagship Check in is by using American’s optional 5-Star Service that’s available in select markets. At the time we put this together prices for the service started at $125 and ran up to $275 ($75 for an additional adult traveler).

-Members of  invite-only ConciergeKey have access before any flight.

AA Flagship Check-in seating

Look! It appears they even stole some cozy chairs from the AAdmirals Club so your travel mates can relax while you chat with agents!

-Flying first class on American Airlines or a One World partner on your outbound international flight or in first aboard American’s 3-class service between LAX and either Miami (MIA) or New York’s JFK gives you access to the service.

Convenience factor: You could attempt to create your own version of this using a combination of things like not checking bags, using a skycap or having an easy way through security like the TSA’s Pre-check service (which is AWESOME, by the way). But if you want full celebrity treatment, this might be for you…even if it’s just to show off a little.

Summary: If you’ve already got access to Flagship Check in then it’s definitely worth using. The personalized service makes it even easier to get from curb to gate. If you’re paying a-al-carte using American’s 5-Star Service it’s value comes down to how well you already manage your travel experience and whether or not you require celebrity-style service.

Flagship Check-in is now available at London Heathrow (LHR) and Miami (MIA).


American Airlines gives your inner-celebrity Flagship Check-in at Los Angeles Int'l. (LAX).

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