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Canadair 900 (CRJ-900)

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On December 17, 2012
Last modified:February 28, 2014


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1A is the beloved air chair supreme to the elit-est of elite travlers, but what if it’s taken? Do you move over, back or both aboard this Delta CRJ900? Watch as we elbow back to row 3 and a seat fit for a rodent.

Airline: Delta
Aircraft: CRJ900
Row:  3   Seat: C
Class: First

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Ground crew captures mouse.

Rodent longing for Biscoff scraps gets caught. -MSP ground crew captures a mouse.

The Seat:  The seat is plenty comfortable for a short trip with US grade premium economy-style legroom and width. Headrests aren’t adjustable but recline is decent if you just need to catch a quick cat nap. If there’s a slim advantage over 1A (arguably the legroomiest in the cabin), it’s that there’s no tray table eating up what little width there is.

Service: A few smiley passes with the snack baskets and good coffee is the bar for a passing grade aboard regional these days. Pass.

Summary: Upon finding that this First Class seat nearly matches width with many ( non Delta Airlines ) Airbus economy seats I had to remind myself that this was a regional jet. It really just made me wonder why Delta has slim seats on it’s Airbus narrow-boy aircraft. I’m thinking too much.

CRJ900 (XJ) Safety Card

When you’re done reading Sky Magazine, there’s always the safety card.

Unless you’ve got a pretty bad Sun Chips addiction or need the 4 extra inches of knee space, I’d skip paying extra for this one but take it if offered as complimentary (elites).

Rating: 2 hops (of 5)

Strategy:   If you’ve achieved lower level elite status with Delta, your best bet is to fly on a weekend when business travelers are typically not flying.  Any open seats in first will be awarded by level of status and then offered for paid upgrade on rare occasion.  Upper level elites (Platinum, Diamond Medallion) are generally a lot more successful with weekday upgrades, but it’s never guaranteed.

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  • Tykifla

    Jake had this seat on a CJ900 between SFO-LAX. Your reviews are most helpful. No mice on this flight, even though we were heading in the direction of Disneyland.

  • modhop

    Haha. Good to know you got celebrity mice on your trip. This little guy was more small-down dinner theater famous. Thanks! Glad you’re liking the reviews.