Eva Kits, Transcon treats and “How dare you, Santa!” | This Week: 10/4/14

It’s the weekly recap that we publish on weeks we feel like it. This, our first since August, shows how we (I) pushed the wrong button and completely sabotaged our holiday plan. It also shows off one of the nicer spots in economy and food-for-purchase aboard American Airlines new A321T and we unBOX one of those cute Rimowa hardside amenity kits from EVA Air.

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Jake Redman is a producer and host for SiriusXM Radio. He's also a frequent traveler obsessed with snagging travel upgrades. At modhop.com, Jake shares and reviews these upgrades so you can see what travel extras are worth shelling out the extra cash for on your next trip.
  • Joey

    Looking forward to reading your review of the Mint flight!!!