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Los Angeles Int'l. (LAX)

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On October 15, 2012
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Airline/Club Name: Alaska Airlines Board Room
Location: Los Angeles Int’l (LAX)
Terminal/Concourse: Terminal 6

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Friuit at Alaska Board Room LAX

If there’s ever a study of airline lounge members life expectancy, we’ll bet on Alaska. Fruit selection at LAX Board Room.

Notes: There’s no moose head hanging above a fireplace but it wouldn’t be tough to imagine in this northern woods- feeling Alaska Airlines Board Room. There are a few ways to relax here with deep leather loungers, cafe and bar seating. Everything here is nicely sectioned but a bit crowded together. In busier times I would imagine it’s a tight squeeze.

Food is more generous and healthier than most US domestic lounges. In addition to the more typical lounge snacks, You’ll find a good selection of fruit, salad and light meal choices. Breakfast options including pancakes are served in the morning.


Service:At the time of this visit (9/2012) both Delta and US Airways (the previous occupants of this space) agents were on hand to help with reservations, all very friendly. Check-in was swift and polite.

Convenience to gate: As long as you’re flying any airline serving terminal 6 there should be little or no problem getting to the gate. The lounge is centrally located one level up above the Alaska Airlines gates.

Summary: The friendly Alaska Airlines service, cozy feel and the good-for-a-domestic-lounge food choice make this an option that at least beats 6 hour old coffee from Cinnabon and newsstand Twizzlers. Because it’s a smaller space, take a peek to see if the lounge is crowded before buying a single visit pass or using Priority Pass.

How I got in/Strategy: Board Room members and members of their immediate family are admitted. Members can purchase discounted passes for accompanied guests. Priority Pass is also accepted.

Rating: 3 hops (of 5)

For lounge access, click "More Details".

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