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On January 14, 2013
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Airline: Porter Airlines
Aircraft: Bombardier Q400
Row:  14  Seat: D
Class: Coach

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Legroom aboard Porter

Porter lives in a time when airlines knew people had knees. – Seat 14D aboard a Porter Airlines Q400

The Seat: Classy tan leather seats await as you board this Porter Airlines Q400. Trudge your way back to row 14 past a block of seats that might be a little close to the engine for peace and quiet. If you’ve ever been in in an economy seat aboard a regional plane, the extra couple inches of legroom might come as a surprise. Once you’re done trying to figure out how many extra rows you might be able to fit into this space if you were a far more greedy entrapeneur than Mr. Porter, you really start to enjoy the added space.

Tech/Connectivity: You’ll get complimentary wi-fi within the airline’s lounges where available, but it ends there. Flights are typically short so it may not be that much of a nuisance but a bummer if you can’t go more than an hour without checking in, tweeting or checking game scores.

Food: Food is the part of the review that’s usually blank, at least when it comes to shorter regional flights. This flight came with a small meal box with a tasty chicken wrap, cucumber salad (strangely, ridiculously good).

Summary: While this 14th row “normal” coach seat doesn’t fit the classic definition of an upgrade, it does offer 2-3 inches of knee space and food service you likely wouldn’t find in economy with another carrier. For a “non-upgrade” seat, this feels a bit like an upgrade.

Rating: 4 hops (of 5)

Strategy:  This is a normal coach seat aboard this aircraft so just book and choose your seat early.

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  • Andrew

    Was waiting to see if you’d review them. Been hoping to try them out for a while.

  • Neal

    are the a seats 2-1 config?

  • Jake Redman

    Neal- Seats are 2-2. The cabin is small, but larger than I had imagined.

  • David

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve always wondered about Porter, I understand the the brains behind ‘Monocle magazine’ had a hand in the cabin design. Btw, does this mean Racoons are now good?!

  • Jake Redman

    Just Mr. Porter is cool. Otherwise Racoons are the mangy rascals they’ve always been. ;)

    As for “the brains” behind Monacle, here’s what we found:

    …the airline’s clever in-flight magazine, re:porter. It’s a cousin of Monocle, whose editor-in-chief, Tyler Brûlé, is also the chairman and CEO of London’s Winkreative, the company behind Porter’s branding experience.

    - From Bloomberg Businesseek

  • Peter Spurway

    Porter is terrific. Have flown with them many times and this review is an accurate reflection of the Porter experience.

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