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On October 4, 2012
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Hotel Name: Sheraton Guangzhou HoteliconLocation: Guangzhou, Guangdong China.

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Sheraton Guangzhou Premiere Room

It’s a long walk to the television, but that’s okay…it’s pretty big. Entertainment and work areas inside a Premiere Room at Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel.

The Room:  Early reviews had the Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel’s “Sweet Sleeper” beds sounding not-so-sweet. Either we got a special room , the mattress had been replaced or the reports were overblown as we slept just fine even with our cushy western standards. Work-space is a winner with a large desk and connectivity options. There’s a charge for internet usage but if  you’re there to Tweet, Facebook or YouTube the “great firewall of China” may keep you from getting any value from it. (Most e-mail programs and plenty of web-content is still available.) – The floor to ceiling windows would be nice in many cities, but the dark, unhappy smog-cloud that hovered kept us from opening the shade at all. But that just made us appreciate this room even more.

Low end luxury happens with a deluxe tub, rainforest shower and thick terrycloth bathrobes,  but the standard Sheraton amenities (soap, shampoo, etc) kept the experience at the 2 to 3 star level. The washroom is a good one though. Plenty of counter space for daily prep and plenty of room to move around. This space and the mid-level luxury help to achieve truth in the title “Premiere  Room”.

Service: Let’s say service was “well intentioned”. Despite being 2 hours north of Hong Kong, home to some of the most hospitable hotels that we’ve experienced, customer service is a new concept here. Everyone is trained and can accomplish the end goal but you can’t always expect big bright smiles and an ultra-experienced staff. But even with a few slow drink orders (the bartender had to look up how to make a “white russian”) and some confusion after a maintenance call (our in-room thermometer wasn’t working) everything got done and attempts were made to make it right if needed. Perhaps by the time you get there it will be seamless.

Overall: There’s a large glut of hotels opening in Guangzhou, so I’d be likely to try a few others but I did like this Sheraton a lot. The cozy lobby lounge area was a comfortable way to wind down at the end of our days there and the room was above average. If customer service improves over time, there’s hope for a “4 hop” rating, but for now you might have to spend a few extra minutes in a boiling room or waiting for your fancy cocktail from a waiter/waitress who looks a little lost.

Rating: 3 Hops (out of 5)

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